When you need to clear it fast

When you need it cleared fast, KDM Services has the solution for ice melt and deicing


Providing environmentally friendly winter deicing products & equipment.“We know how to melt ice!”

ice melt and deicing products

We serve our customer base through a highly knowledgeable and trained distribution network.

Based out of Farmington Connecticut, we offer an extensive line of Snow & Ice Melting products to service the Northeast.

With over 50 years of combined experience in snow and ice management, our team of professionals is available to assist you with your specific needs for Safe Melt deicing liquid and other roadway and sidewalk clearance products. We offer bulk liquid products, portable spray equipment, deicing liquid storage tanks and environmentally safe ice melting products.

KDM Services is your solution for melting snow & ice.

To order products please call (860) 674-9184). For additional information or questions, contact us using this web page or send us an email at kdmservices@comcast.net.


Environmentally Friendly Ice Melt and Deicing Products and Equipment – Farmington CT