Eco-Friendly Snow and Ice Melting Solutions

When you are looking for safer, more environmentally friendly ice melt products in western Connecticut, call KDM Services, LLC. We are a leading supplier of granular and liquid snow and ice melt products in the northeast.  Our proprietary Safe Melt Liquid is an anti-icing agent before precipitation and a deicer during precipitation, for use in commercial and municipal applications. We supply bags of gra

Safe Melt Deicing Liquid

Environmentally Friendly Ice Melt

  We have an environmentally friendly liquid ice melt solution that will save you time, manpower and money when treating roads in your municipality. As a leading distributor of Safe Melt Liquid in CT, NY and MA, we show you how to use less sand and salt on your municipal roadways and walkways. Treating your rock salt with Safe Melt from KDM Service