Safe Melt Deicing Liquid

Environmentally Friendly Ice Melt


We have an environmentally friendly liquid ice melt solution that will save you time, manpower and money when treating roads in your municipality. As a leading distributor of Safe Melt Liquid in CT, NY and MA, we show you how to use less sand and salt on your municipal roadways and walkways. Treating your rock salt with Safe Melt from KDM Services may reduce your salt usage by 30% to 50 %. Pre-treatment with Safe Melt at the spinner coats and encapsulates your salt,  taking the melting power down to minus 20 degrees with no refreeze. An application of Safe Melt Liquid hours before a storm puts a protective coating on your pavement and prevents ice and snow from bonding to surfaces.

Safe Melt Liquid is:

⇒ Safe for use on concrete

⇒ Non-toxic

⇒ Biodegradable

⇒ Water soluble

⇒ Non-flammable

⇒ Less corrosive than pure water


Recommended Applications for Liquid Safe Melt:

Treat your salt stock piles - Use with on board pre-wetting systems - Pre-treat roadways ( Direct applications )

KDM Services LLC will supply your town or city with the materials and the instruction you need to reduce snow and ice buildup and start saving money with our environmentally friendly ice melting products. We supply the tanks needed for safe storage of the Safe Melt, as well as portable spray systems. Safe Melt deicing liquid may be purchased in bulk quantities or at wholesale and is delivered to your site in 4,500 gallon tankers. We offer storage tanks from 1,000 gallons to 10,000 gallons and portable skid mounted spray systems from 200 gallon to 1,050 gallons. Give us a call and we can design a system for you. Please call us at 860-674-9184 today.

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